As a child, I had a pretty big imagination. I would often think of ordinary, inanimate objects as sentient beings and wonder how they’d act if given their own autonomy.

Artist Teo Zirinis can definitely relate, as he says he draws inspiration from the mundane things that fill our everyday lives. He too, imagines what lifeless objects such as balloons, marshmallows, and even toilet paper would say if they could talk, bringing them to life in adorable illustrations.

“I wonder what it would be like if they had a voice of their own,” Zirinis explained. “What would they say and how would they interact with each other?”

Check out some of Zirinis’ creations below, in which he explores those questions with cute and silly scenes. Who knew objects led such interesting lives?


Looking for more of Zirinis’ work? Be sure to head on over to Instagram and his website, where you can order these drawings on a bunch of different merchandise.


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